Time stands still at Beverly and Rampart

I was down in LA for a conference this weekend. First time I’ve been back since the plandemic. I haven’t had a Tommy’s Double Chili Cheese since 2018 so off I went on my way back to LAX.

img 6131 1
Double Chili Cheese, extra onions and with mayo

It tastes the same, it makes the same mess and your fingers still smell like chili afterwards. Yum.

img 6129 1
Always open. They take credit cards now!

This is a real bubble in the time space continuum. For real. Here, time has ceased its inevitable march toward the future and things are as they were three decades prior. How did we eat two of these at a time back then? Especially after midnight??

img 6130 1
The original shack at Beverly and Rampart. There is no other.

Original Tommy’s
2575 Beverly Blvd (@ Rampart)
Los Angeles

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