B is for Brothership

So I’ve been a bit slow to jump on board with the whole K-drama thing.  My life has enough drama without having to add more in Hangul, no less!  It’s one thing to have drama; it’s another when you’re having drama and you don’t understand it!  However, I can get into Korean standup.  Funny stuff and subtitled! Here’s a skit that addresses how men are put down upon in “modern” society and how to deal with it.  Or maybe just to make better girlfriend choices.  The second couple in the skit are (according to the internet) a real-life couple.  Yikes.

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  1. Check out Descendants of the Sun. It’s an outlier compared to the other K-Dramas out there. It has good production values, it wasn’t banned on the mainland and a lot of A-list actors. Also there’s enough in it to keep the interest of guys AND gals. Stream it on viki.com.

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