M Power and progeny

Another one from the BMW Museum. The engine in the foreground is the first M engine that powered the M1. The display also had headphones so you could listen to how each engine sounded up to redline.

BMW 507

Found this on an old MacBook that’s being prepped for recycling. This was from a trip to the BMW Museum about 10 years ago.


The world famous BMW Museum Featuring cars, motorcycles and engines (marine and aircraft). Part 2

I chose to break this up into two parts because there’s a lot of photos.

The 507 gets a special nod here. Not only because it’s probably one of, if not the most beatutiful BMW ever made, it was a car that helped put BMW on the map in the 1950s. This model was also imported to the USA in small quantities which helped establish the brand there.

IMG 6447
IMG 6447
IMG 6453
IMG 6453

And here’s the Z8, the modern interpretation of the 507.

IMG 6450
It’s a good looking car, but the 507 is better. It has more character and looks like art. The Z8 looks like a car designed by a committee and a wind tunnel

The 02 series was BMW’s first mass market seller and put them on the map. It saved the company and as befitting such an important model, it gets its own space.

IMG 6456
Dig those 60’s lights and colors man!
IMG 6454
This is definitely a form follows function car. It’s not going to win any beauty contests but it drove like a sports car. That you could take the kids to school in and get groceries with.
IMG 6455
…or you could take it rallying. This is the ti version, which meant dual carbs. The standard 2002 had a single carb and the tii had fuel injection. The ti is the rare one.

There’s so much more to see here…need to return.

BMW Museum
Am Olympiapark 2
80809 Munich

The world famous BMW Museum Featuring cars, motorcycles and engines (marine and aircraft). Part 1

IMG 6422
IMG 6422

The draw here, for those of us not collecting a car for European Delivery, is the Museum.

IMG 6428
IMG 6428
IMG 6429
IMG 6429

When you enter, there is this mobile of every model that BMW has made over the years. The museum consists of two main parts, motorcycles and cars, with a small Motorsport section.

IMG 6424
One of BMW’s first cars, a Dixi 3/15
IMG 6441
IMG 6441
IMG 6430
IMG 6430
IMG 6431
IMG 6431
IMG 6446
IMG 6446

Although I like motorrad, the draw for me are the cars. Every iconic BMW is here in mint condition as well as their recent cars.

IMG 6432
IMG 6432
IMG 6434
The 3.0 cs, fuel injected so it’s really a csi.
IMG 6437
IMG 6437
IMG 6442
IMG 6442
IMG 6444
The 328, complete with firing order.

More in Part 2

M! The most powerful letter!

Here’s a teaser from my recent visit to the BMW Museum in Munich. This was one of my favourite parts of the museum.

What’s the most powerful letter in the alphabet? M!

This traffic jam consists of ALL the M class cars ever produced. I learned that the M635csi is a true collector’s piece because it’s just a good looking car, the first generation M5 came in other colors besides black, and the first M3 (E30) is still a good looking car and the previous M3 (E46) looks pretty damn good too!

IMG 6457
An M5 in a color other than black
IMG 6458
E46 in front
IMG 6465
Newer cars in the front, classics in the rear
IMG 6459
The world’s fastest Traffic Jam…
IMG 6421
This is the current E90 M3. I like this!!

To get a feel on just how motorhead the museum is, here’s the engine exhibit; every M engine that was made for the cars you just saw. Artsy!

IMG 6461
IMG 6461
IMG 6460
IMG 6460
IMG 6462
See the headphones hanging in front of the engines? That’s so you can listen to the engines rev from idle, up the rev band to red line and back down to idle again
IMG 6426
Before the M division made cars for us to drive, they made engines for Formula 1 teams. This is the Brabham BT54 type that Nelson Piquet drove in the 1985 Campaign

Munich Mileage Run, BMW Welt. It’s still a mileage run if you leave the airport!!

IMG 6413
Since UA has a partnership with LH, we can choose which metal to fly for the same price. So of course it’s LH!

So on the never ending quest for status on United Airlines, necessary if you expect to be treated like a person onboard, my friend and I have been doing weekend runs to Germany since the tickets round trip are in the neighborhood of $300 for 11728 EQM (elite qualifying miles). The destination alternates between Munich (MUC) or Frankfurt (FRA). We eat in the Senator Lounge, fly out on Friday evening, land Saturday afternoon, go clubbing to practice German (das stimmt, genau), head back to the flughafen early Sunday morning for the flight back home, arriving around dinner time.

IMG 6415
Yes, lounge food is better on non US carriers.

The traditional Mileage Run involves a cheap round ticket with a lot of EQM, flying the same aircraft there and back and not leaving the airport (or the gate in that matter). So there’s some controversy about if this is actually a “mileage run”. I’d argue that it is since we spend 13 hours between flights.

IMG 6416
S-Bahnhof fur Flughafen Munchen

So this weekend it’s off to Munich. We caught an early flight so we had a few hours to kill before clubbing. My friend crashed in the hotel room and I decided to visit BMW Welt, a pilgrimage that all Bimmer fans should make a few times. The complex consists of the Welt, a very large and swish brand dealership with the latest models on the floor, snacks and drinks (though you can’t buy any there). There’s also the Museum which will be the next post. The Welt includes a training facility for technicians (mechanics) and a delivery area where lucky people can pick up their cars for European Delivery.

IMG 6417
It was February so there was still some snow
IMG 6418
The biggest 4 cylinder BMW
IMG 6420
A large company showcase with BMW’s latest cars and technology