Something here does not belong

I took a stroll up Nathan Road to Mong Kok after the protests of October 6th. This is Exit E 1.

IMG 1538
The result when politicians ignore the people they are supposed to serve.

Something there does not typically belong.

IMG 1539
Aha. A bus stop in front of an MTR entrance?

Mong Kok Station was especially hit hard by the protestors that night. The windows above were knocked out so you could peer inside and see the mess going down.

I wasn’t the only one who was taking pictures.

IMG 1536
Even though the station was damaged, the nearby shops were open for business and untouched.

I took a panorama but I’m not sure if it will work properly on this site.

IMG 1537
Close by shops open for business the next day; the MTR, not so much.
IMG 1532
Some Mask Law humor. Coff coff

I don’t condone the attacks on the MTR. They are in a bad position. The MTR supported the protestors in the beginning. But because they are also public transit, they got their orders from the government to transport cops and not cooperate with the protestors. The problem is that everyone uses the MTR and by vandalizing it to the point that half the system shuts down (like on 7 October) doesn’t help and turns potential supporters against the cause. So stop already.

The MTR on October 7. As you can see, major stations are closed as well as the Tsuen Wan and Ma On Shan lines. At least the other KCR lines (East and West Rail) were open.

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