Saturday Sunday Ride

After getting a late start last Sunday (moral of story: ALWAYS reply to organizer’s emails PROMPTLY), the ride to Lake Berryessa instead turned into an endurance test up the Shoreline Highway. How far could we go?

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This is how far we went…227 miles round trip
The ride started at the Marin Vista Point on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Many tourists prefer this view to the other Vista Point on the San Francisco side. It’s a crap shoot when it comes to making a choice about which one to visit. The San Francisco side has parking meters (typical) and rabid meter maids on the hunt for “revenue enforcement” (again, typical). The Marin side has a MUCH better view but means crossing the bridge to get back to San Francisco and a US$4.00 toll. Personally, I’d go for the view from the Marin side.
Current city policy if you’re a businessperson
We weren’t the only ones using the Marin Vista Point for a meeting point. There’s more room here so tour buses, lots of tourists in rental cars and about 80 or so Harley riders came and went before we took off “north”. First stop: Point Reyes Station. This is where motorcyclists who are doing the coast ride make the mandatory fuel and coffee stop. Since we started so late, it became our mandatory fuel and lunch stop. Fuel at the only gas station in town and grilled tri-tip sandwiches from the only grocery store in town.
The wrench is for opening yer beverages!
On the grill today: Freshly carved tri-tip, bratwurst and hot links! The chef is a former motorcycle rider…
Tri-tip sandwich under a tree.
One of us tried to get cash from the only bank in town but their ATMs were out of cash. As was the ATM inside the only grocery store in town. Cash eventually came about 30 miles up the road, on the way to Jenner.
On the way “north”, we passed through several state parks and beaches and lots of small towns. One of these towns was Jenner, the furthest north we’ve gone prior to this trip.
“organic coffee”. Joy.
They have their own Post Office trailer…
Eventually, we made it to Gualala, which is one of the bigger towns on the coast. They have a Lions’ Club, TWO name brand gas stations and a pharmacy!
Ed taking his bike onto the dirt. Not sure if that’s what Scramblers are supposed to do
The ride back was uneventful. Same nature, same nice scenery. We took a detour back to the bridge that saved us all of three miles via Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. With all the traffic that we had to deal with, I’d rather go back through Muir Woods. Hopefully next ride, I’ll be able to jury rig my camera so I can take some pix while on the move…
Loads of fun and 50 MPG to boot!

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