Riding for Work

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What happens when I have to cross the Bay Bridge during the evening commute AND have multiple appointments? Early evening appointment in Oakland then later appointment in Fairfield? Solution: Ride the motorcycle!
Why? Well, for one thing, you can use Carpool Lanes. That makes a big difference when you’re trying to get onto the bridge. Of course, if you use a carpool ramp, like the Sterling Street Onramp, it’s ALL carpool and it’s all good, except for the short merge. Another reason is that it was a nice day and that’s always a good excuse for a ride.
Meetings ran late, as they usually do. I wound up having dinner at the Fairfield In & Out at 2200, followed by a hair raising ride back to SF on I-80. I like riding distance on two-lane roads but riding at warp 8 on an Interstate, where any bozo can pretend to play Gran Turismo in a real car by mashing the gas pedal and not thinking, is something I’d rather choose not to do…
But I did make it home at the end, so I can chalk this up to experience. Check.

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