Return to Singapore (after 4 long years)

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Kaya Toast set and genuinely good Hainan Chicken Rice. The last time I did was back in 2019 which was my last visit before the Plandemic.

IMG 5029
Some things don’t change like a Singapore River cruise.

We decided to do something I’ve not done before in Singapore. B suggested something that involved the outdoors and marching, erm, “hiking”. In 90 degree heat with humidity. We visited Pulau Ubin which is a National Park and an island that requires a bumboat to get to from Changi Village.

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The view from the top of a mountain. I’m pretty sure that’s Malaysia out there.
IMG 4998
Land Rover Defender, complete with snorkel for fording water.
IMG 5004
We had fun with the girls who took our photo.

It’s a big park with the old kampung lifestyle, trails and campgrounds. Also meh cell coverage and nowhere worthy to eat. We went there early in the AM and returned to Changi Village for hawker stall lunch.

IMG 5006
Boneless Hainan Chicken Rice, the main course.
IMG 5005
with the supporting cast…

More food forthwith!

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