Proposition Chicken; I Vote YES!!

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Now this is a Proposition I can totally get behind. My name is Rodney and I approved this message…

I’ve passed Proposition Chicken many times going to and from Downtown. I never thought much about the place, thinking it was just another overpriced meh place in Laurel Village.

Then two things happened:

1: They opened a location in SFO, at the Terminal 3 Food Court
(across from the big United Club)
2: I happened to be in Laurel Village for an appointment.

So off I went for lunch.

I’m glad I went. The food was damn good. Now as the name of the resturant implies, they serve chicken. Well almost. They serve three kinds of chicken, Fried (the BEST), Flipped (rotisserie) and Fake (tofu).

Regarding that last choice, this IS San Francisco and they have to cater to those types here.

Your chicken (or soy product) can be had three ways, as a sando, a salad or an entree. The real chicken entrees deserves special mention in that it’s HALF a chicken with biscuit and salad. Too big for lunch today. They also have varied chicken wings and a lot of sides.

IMG 3662
The menu is on the wall as you walk in. This reminder is on the way to the bathroom

I ordered the Fried Chicken Sando with a side of the Garlic Thyme Potato Wedges. The sando was excellent. It has the right amount of dressing, the chicken was moist and crispy and the roll was almost Dutch Crunchy.

IMG 3658
The fried chicken sando is a good size for sharing or eating it all yourself

I will save my swoon for the Wedges. Crispy crust on the outside and when you bite into it, hot and almost creamy potato in the middle. I ate at the restaurant so my food came directly from the kitchen (I was sitting next to it). Because of that, fries demanded a fork and three bites to finish, lest I burn my tongue.

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Look at that crust!
IMG 3657
Plating is important.

Another thing I learned about this place is that they are open to 21:00. Places that are open past 20:00 are becoming a rarity in San Francisco so this is a find!

IMG 3663
Neon Chickens

Nice to find a chicken place nearby that doesn’t start with a K (FC) or that I don’t have to take a road trip for (CFA). I’ll update when I have the half a chicken and Matzo Ball soup.

IMG 3661
I forgot to mention that all of their sauces and dressings are made in house

Proposition Chicken
3465 California Street, Laurel Village
San Francisco, CA 94118

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