(non travel) Weekends are for riding!

It’s summer season, when my globetrotting (on a budget) ways are curtailed this year by the double whammy of expensive jet fuel AND greedy, poorly managed/operated legacy airlines. Compared to just the greedy, poorly managed/operated legacy airlines.
So what do I do for fun on the weekends? Go riding! For the past few weekends, I’ve been getting up early (AAACK) and going for rides with a bunch of Triumph riders. The SF Bay Area has a lot of neat places to ride if you want to do a day trip and San Francisco itself has a neat area that’s not overrun with traffic calming (yet) and has lots of hills and twisties.
An entry about a Presidio ride is forthcoming…
Yesterday, we met in a McD’s parking lot in Pleasanton very early in the AM. After filling up the bikes with gas and then ourselves with McD’s brekkie, we proceeded to hit the trails.
Our destination was to ride up Mt. Hamilton on one side and then ride down the other side then ride back up a different way and ride back down, winding up back in Dublin.
Silicon Valley from the foothills near Mt. Hamilton
Ended the ride at Hooters where we enjoyed the scenery and the buffalo shrimp! Should have came on Sunday because motorcycle riders get 20% off!
Motorcycles at rest
I’ll try to photoblog these rides more throughly…they’re exhausting and fun!

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  1. hi! Love your new web design. It’s clean and fresh.
    Sometimes it’s good to discover our own back yard for a change. You don’t have to travel far for beauty sometimes. I would love to smell that clean fresh air (cough cough Singapore too much pollution) from that mountain!
    Would you be in this region about September? I’m getting married. Sept 13th saturday is the church wedding, 15th the chinese dinner. You are invited definitely.

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