Going back…

Over Hong Kong
Over Hong Kong (Photo credit: thewamphyri)

…to Hong Kong and Singapore in a few weeks.

Although I’m there semi-regularly, it feels like I’m returning to what should be “home”.  Why is that?  I think it’s the people I know there and the food we eat.  Also, both cities have a lot more happening than the boring, provincial town of San Francisco.

In either case, 4 days in Singapore and 3 days in Hong Kong is just barely a visit.  It’s just enough time to land, eat and sleep.  But I’ll be landing, eating and sleeping in Hong Kong and Singapore and that’s worth it for me!  Also it means 16800 EQM that I desperately need to hit Million Miler this year.

As I’m still a 1K on UA, I have some SWUs that can be used.  Because of that, I’m flying UA from SFO-NRT-SIN, despite arriving just before midnight and departing (Singapore) at dark o’clock (0710).  So far, my outbound legs have cleared but am waitlisted on the return (Bah!).  After this flight, subsequent trips will probably be on NH since I will be out of SWUs for the year.  That’s a mixed bag because I will be on NH (yay, great service and food and AVOD) but in Y (with a very small chance of an op-up, though it has happened before).

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