Cold snap over! Pay attention to the Motorcycle!!

During the recent holiday season, the temps here rarely went above 45 degrees. Nighttime was even colder. Not festive at all!
When this was taken, it was 62 outside. Not cold!
Right after New Years’ Day that ended. It’s been comfy in the 60s and sunshiney for the past few weeks. Yay! Which means…taking the motorcycle out! But before any road trips, I had to get the tires replaced. I wound up replacing the stock Bridgestone Trail Wings (which lasted all of 9000 miles) with a set of Metzler Tourances. Good for riding pavement and the occasional fire trail. Hopefully, I’ll get more than 9K miles out of these.
I had the work done at Werkstatt and they did a great job, as usual. Besides the tires, I had some Givi racks (PL428) installed. One of them didn’t fit right when I tried to install them. Turns out the footpeg that I was supposed to connect it to was bent a tiny bit, something that I wouldn’t have known to look for. I picked up some soft bags from Craigslist that fit on the racks, but I think I’m probably going to hunt for some hard cases.
From the Marin Headlands, a tugboat going west.
Then it’s time for a road trip! While the weather holds…

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