So my favourite daan taat place, the Tai Cheong Bakery, has a new home! And the irony is: It’s across the street from their old location!
From the unlinkable South China Morning Post:
While the $60,000-plus rent is much higher than the $38,000 the bakery had paid, it is considerably lower than the $80,000 the former landlord demanded.
“We’ve decided not to raise the price of our egg tarts despite the rising cost, and people can still get them for just $3.50 each,” Mr Au Yeung said. “As an additional way to help cover the extra rent, we will also sell tea and coffee to take away. It’s trendy and is what people want.
“We treasure our loyal customers and they can expect to find the same Tai Cheong – down to the shop’s old decoration – up and running again next month.”

That’s still a pretty steep rent increase (US$2831 vs. the US$5400 a month that they wanted in the old place), but they will be back in business.
They’re going to have to sell a LOT of coffee/tea. But I’m glad that they are.

Aiya! No more daan taat??

Tai Cheong Bakery in Central makes terrific daan taat. Period.
Now their rent has more than doubled and they gotta move! But the question is move where?
From the unlinkable South China Morning Post:
Lord Patten’s favourite bakery could yet be saved from closure. Two Liberal Party lawmakers say they have found several premises that the shop could move to.
The Tai Cheong Bakery in Central is famous for making the former governor’s favourite egg tarts. But the 51-year-old business must move out of the premises by May 25.

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Xmas in Hong Kong

When I returned to Hong Kong after flying in from Beijing during my trip last month, I saw Xmas lights beginning to go up.
I like the idea of decorating buildings. Makes the harbor look even more interesting…
Get it? Parts of the building look like peppermint sticks!