What’s missing in these pictures? Hint: the missing thing is gone because of the crap that blows downwind from Guangzhou Province…

Homesick for Hong Kong?

While mucking about on the internet (and missing my biannual trip to Hong Kong), I found this page that makes me miss it even more.
Apparently, the guy who took the photos was there during Xmas. Twinkley lights!
Oh yah, saw MI:3 tonight. Not bad! Especially her.Wow! She’s also based outta Hong Kong…

Continuing the “Missing HK” theme

Yup, still missing Hong Kong. That could have something to do with the fact that it’s 8 degrees C (47 degrees F) outside right now…which means it is cold inside the house too!
Yes, San Francisco does get cold too!

Tonight we are walking on the overpass crossing Connaught Road Central on the way to IFC 1. The traffic is fierce going toward Central; chill going toward Sheung Wan

From the Pedestrian Safety Department

Here’s a sign that I saw in Mong Kok, at the intersection of Nathan Road and Argyle Street.

For those of you that don’t get it, here is what it means. Ready?
The sign is a red bordered triangle which usually means “Warning”! Inside the triangle is a ped who did not pay attention to his surroundings and as a result, got hit by the very old looking car. So the sign is basically saying, “Warning! Pay attention otherwise a very old car will hit you”. But, if you look closely, you will notice that there is no one inside the car. So maybe it’s a warning to stupid peds to be careful, otherwise they will walk into a very old car that is parked.
Which only someone really dumb would do.
We need a LOT of these signs in San Francisco.

Missing Hong Kong?

Yeah, I do. I’ll admit it.
I miss the food. The sights. The energy. The lights and the sounds.
Well, this webpage has a lot of the sounds that makes my brain think “Hong Kong, waaaah!”. And just for positive reinforcement, here’s an awesome panorama of Hong Kong side on a clear clear day at sunset, which is by itself, totally awesome! (link via Shaky).
Note: Sound page uses an imbedded RealPlayer and it apparently works only in Windows…bah!

Wanna Beer?

Ummmmm, no thanks. Perhaps you have some piss water, I mean, Coors Light instead?
For those of you who are totally blur, look at the NAME of the beer…

Old Hong Kong!

From Big White Guy
Here’s a site showcasing Hedda Morrison, a photographer/traveler who shot a LOT of pix of Hong Kong immediately after WWII.
Check it out, it’s pretty cool. Then compare it to today…