Always show up before the gates close

When you fly, you want to make sure you follow the rules. When you know what time the gates will close, always get there BEFORE that time. Don’t expect the doors to be held open for you simply because you can’t be bothered to tell time. Otherwise, you’ll turn out like this:

An embarassment to all the Cantonese in the world

If she tried this stunt in Singapore, she’d already be in cuffs and perp-walked away. If she tried this in San Francisco, she’d be appointed to the Board of Supervisors.
Thanks to Lucky and Cheesie, who both had this video before me!

5 Replies to “Always show up before the gates close”

  1. Well, it’s hella embarrassing. It was caught on video. It has something to do with aviation. And it shows how unreasonable a lot of passengers can be. Notice the pause she takes to see if her show has had any effect. None? Continue wailing! I’m glad that the HKIA staff didn’t open the doors for her! The rest of us get to the gate on time; what makes her so frakkin’ special??

  2. And the worst part, CX gave her a free Business Class r/t because she got caught on video by said staffer. So what does that mean? Disregard the rules, throw a temper tantrum and get free tix in C? CX shouldn’t have folded lidat…

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