House Shopping

I live in San Francisco where the cost of entry to purchase and maintain a home is approaching Powerball territory.  Despite that, real estate is generally the best investment to sock your money into.  If you do it right, you can sell it for a nice profit after a few years.

I’ve been looking in other markets where property values are going up and the cost of entry is reasonable.  Sacramento and Reno, for example.  Still, you’re gonna get either new condos with HOAs to match or old homes that require work (and mowing the lawn) and are not the best in design out there.

Speaking of design…wish we had Muji houses here!

Guesthouse Daughters

One of the neat things about Singapore is that they have programming from many Asian countries on local TV.  Subtitled!

I have never been a K-drama groupie, but there are some shows I like.  Then there are the silly variety shows.  One I started watching (after seeing the first episode in SG) is called Guesthouse Daughters.  It’s funny and it’s aired after hours on KBS.  So the humor is fun and the daughters (and mom) are all famous Korean actresses.



Musings of a rideshare driver

I’ve not been flying for the past half year.  I decided to get off my butt and make some money.

But with my condition, how can?

By driving Rideshare!  Both Uber and Lyft.  The two services have distinct characteristics.

Lyft: Generally nicer pax, tipping in app, generally pays more.

Uber: Busy (more pax), no tipping policy, pays way less.

So besides the occasional travel and food post, I’ll post anecdotes from the crappy streets of San Francisco on occasion.

T is for Taxes

Since my tax situation is complicated this year, the always swamped accountant filed the extension and punted my returns until after the 18th. Today is the day of reckoning, where the Federal government yet again will rape me and my family with no jelly. There’s a reason only liberals and government types luurve tax day. Because it gives them the opportunity to extort from working people. Another example how Hong Kong and Singapore are much more progressive than Barack’s ‘murica.

Thar be spring here…

This is the Japanese Maple Tree from the neighbor’s yard that creeps over the fenceline of my yard to say “hi”.  Two weeks ago, it was barren and now it’s all spring like.  I think it’s a reminder to start the backyard renovation project.  Meh.
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The Giants Win the Pennant! (repeat three more times)

Brian Wilson

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The City went nuts last night (in a good way) as the San Francisco Giants won the National League pennant.  Horns blared, lots of people yelled in joy and an M-80 went off on my block.  The World Series begins next Wednesday the 27th at PacBellPark.  It would be nice to go, but I’m not willing to donate body parts for game tickets.  Guess I’ll watch it on TV.  

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The Chinese Professor

I’m Chinese (American) and I think this commercial is well done!
And no, I’m not offended.

The comparison in the video would be more appropriate to Great Britain who spent itself into irrelevancy creating its welfare state rather than the Romans and Greeks. This video has nothing to do with xenophobia and everything to do with the idiots in Washington DC.