M Power and progeny

Another one from the BMW Museum. The engine in the foreground is the first M engine that powered the M1. The display also had headphones so you could listen to how each engine sounded up to redline.

BMW 507

Found this on an old MacBook that’s being prepped for recycling. This was from a trip to the BMW Museum about 10 years ago.


Random Photo of a Vespa GTS300

So this was from a while ago, when I was at the Vespa dealer asking all sorts of questions. The salesguy, after being bombarded with my inquiries, handed me a key, took my CDL and told me, “don’t crash”.

Parked for lunch across the street from SFFD Station 2

This was a GTS300 and I took it through the Broadway Tunnel going and over the hills and through traffic on the way back. After returning to the dealership, the salesguy asked how I liked it. I replied, “I get it”.

Although it took me a while to pull the trigger to get my GTV250. Garage queens are hard to find.

The Star Wars R2-D2 jet!

Here’s the plane that the Rolls Royce Trent engine was attached to.  Way cool!

Boeing 787 Dreamliner!  And the Star Wars theme didn’t end at the outside of the plane.  In Business, there was a Yoda.  In Economy, we got similarly attired headrests and CAs.