UA (lack of)Food and Entertainment

Well, the food is palatable. The cup ramen they serve for a snack is not. UA branded “instant noodles”.  So I brought 5 Shin Cups for myself and the others.

Yummy. Spicy. Yummy.

Oh did I mention? UA no longer serves Coke. Seems that they got some big contract with Pepsi to fly their bigshots around. In exchange, they stopped serving Coke and started serving Pepsi. Eeeeyuck.

Now about the entertainment on UA. Politically correct drivel. Awful.
I do not want to watch kid and chick flicks over the course of this flight. I guess that since they cannot serve peanuts and they do not serve Coke, they will not show anything fun or interesting.

But I do have an ace up my sleeve. I have my PowerBook and I have the Scorpion King on DVD. Talk about the polar opposite of Like Mike, eh? And Kelly Hu is a LOT easier on the eyes than Lil Bow Wow.

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