Stacks! More than the infamous Bacon Waffle

The other day, I met a friend in Burlingame for lunch before we went to pick up her new car. Since this would take much of the day, she treated for lunch. I don’t have to explain what I ordered.

Crispy AND hot and juicy inside! On the left is whipped butter for the waffle and country gravy for the chicken. Maple syrup is out of shot.
I mean, just look at that! I finished it all.

Stacks is a breakfast/brunch spot in downtown Burlingame. It’s extremely popular on the weekends and it’s a bit of a scene with lots of nice cars driving around. One of their specialities (and my usual go to) is their Bacon Waffle. It’s a large waffle like in the photo, except it has crumbled up bacon in the batter. It’s really good and AFAIK, the only place around here that makes it. I recommend the Bacon Waffle and/or the Fried Chicken and Waffle.

361 California Avenue
Burlingame, CA 94010

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