Travel Rant: Laundry

If you spend more than 5 days from home, chances are you’re going to need to do laundry.  Or you’re one of those people who will pack 10 day’s worth of clothes for a 10 day trip.   Myself, I don’t like dragging luggages across South East Asia.  Or China.  So I try to pack lightly; well as lightly as a dialysis victim can pack.

Most hotels have laundry service at outrageous prices.  S$5 to wash boxers, for example.  Some hotels actually have laundry machines.  Here’s one at one of my regular hotels.

Note the helpful labeling.  Since they’re both front loaders and the hotel has a lot of American guests, signage is a must.  Otherwise you’ll get people putting coins into the wrong machine and demanding refunds from management.  Take a close look at how many coins you have to put into the slot.

Yes, that’s S$20 to do a load of laundry!  These are stickers; I wonder how much it used to be!  At that price, it’s worth it to jump on the MRT with laundry to the nearest laundrette.  Sheesh.

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