The Lisboa

Ana told me that Steve Wynn of various Las Vegas resorts received a gaming license, thus breaking Stanley Ho�s monopoly on gaming here. It�s a good thing because the Lisboa casino is a dump. Check Your Guns at the Door and No Spitting. I would have taken pictures of these signs, except you can�t take pictures in the casino. This is not bullshit!
However, the Lisboa Hotel lobby and rooms have been renovated. It even has some art here which is nice. But when you go downstairs to the shops and canteen, there are a LOT of hookers working the floor.
A lot of hookers. Good looking hookers. Zhuhai�s favorite exports.
And for you hom-suppy people out there, over here, it�s a buyer�s market!
I guess having a lot of hookers in the basement of the Lisboa is one way to insure that people go there�

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